(Imperial & Metric)

The goal of this training is to provide individuals with the basic knowledge, techniques, and skills of pool and spa operation, filtration, and circulation.

1. Identify different types of pool construction materials
2. Perform calculations related to amount conversions
3. Calculate surface areas of a variety of pool shapes
4. Calculate water volume for a variety of pool shapes
5. Identify the basic concepts of circulation and recirculation.
6. Perform basic circulation system calculations.
7. Identify the basic concepts of filtration.
8. Perform basic filtration calculations.
9. Identify the types of energy loss.
10. Name methods to prevent energy loss.
11. Identify design considerations for air circulation.
12. Identify the operational and maintenance concerns for hot water spas and therapy pools
13. Recognize who may be at risk while using a hot water pool or spa
14. Identify how to safely use a hot water pool or spa
15. Identify ways to prevent access into an aquatic facility
16. Identify ways to reduce risk in and around the water
17. Identify safe ways to handle and store chemicals
18. Recognize the importance of recordkeeping
19. Identify the types of documentation necessary for the operation of an aquatic facility
20. Identify the importance of a maintenance plan and the various aspects of an effective maintenance plan
21. Identify the causes of water loss, the various problems that can occur with pool and spa heaters, pumps, motors, and filters, and how to troubleshoot the problems.

Expected Completion Time: 3.5 hours

Pool & Spa BasicsTM

Imperial or Metric

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