(Imperial & Metric) 

The goal of this training is to provide individuals with the basic knowledge about water chemistry, water testing and chemical dosing.

1. Recognize the various types of fecal and non-fecal related illnesses.
2. Identify the procedures for handling fecal related contamination.
3. Identify the operating practices that will help prevent the spread of diseases in the pool environment.
4. Recognize the difference between disinfection (sanitation) and oxidation.
5. Recognize the factors to consider when choosing a disinfectant.
6. Identify chlorine compounds frequently used to disinfect water.
7. Identify basic chlorine chemistry.
8. Identify the types of chlorine that pool operators use.
9. Calculate breakpoint chlorination.
10. Identify alternative disinfectants.
11. Identify the basic concepts of water balance.
12. Calculate and correct water balance using the saturation index.
13. Identify common chemicals used to balance water.
14. Identify the various water problems that can occur as a result of improper chemical adjustment.
15. Calculate the proper amount of chemicals to be added to the water.

Expected Completion Time: 2.5 hours

Water Chemistry BasicsTM

Imperial or Metric

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