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CoVid-9 Pool Updates

Current Courses:

ISPSC International Swimming Pool and Spa Code Review and Calculations Training (ISPSC) ($375/person)
Texas Residential Appliance Installer License (RAIL) Preparation Classes ($450/person)
NSPF (now PHTA) Certified Pool Operator (CPO) Classes ($325/person)
NRPA Aquatic Facility Operator (AFO) Classes ($325/person)
APSP (Now PHTA) Professional Pool & Spa Operator (PPSO) Classes ($325/person)
APSP (Now PHTA) Pool and Spa Construction Course (PSCC) leading to CBP- Certified Building Professional after passing CBP exam.
Plus a variety of online courses


We have had many requests for additional courses and topics. 

Please watch for additional workshops and courses including:

  • Backyard Pool and Spa Safety Checklist Orientation Classes

  • Basic Electricity

  • Hydraulics and Plumbing for Service and Maintenance

  • Water Chemistry Beyond the Basics

And a variety of topics to help you run a more profitable business.

Please refer back to this website for course and calendar updates.
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Our world has changed. While maintaining safety and health we must also look forward.


PHTA, the organization that writes and administers the CPO (Certified Pool Operator) Program. Has released a Limited Time Option for the CPO Program to allow for Online Classes and Testing! 

Although I will be excited to restart the schedule of in person classes, we need to be preparing for the 2020 Pool Season- Here is the 3 part plan-

Step One -Register for the online class- Pool Operator Primer ($225) 

After the Pool Operator Primer online course is completed- You must have a Certificate of Completion-Expect the Pool Operator Course to take 8-12 hours to complete ( I have had some students take double that amount of time- so give yourself enough time to complete.)

Step 2- Register for a Live online webinar- ($100) This portion will be approximately 6 hours with a 30 minute break. This webinar will include much important information including the handouts from an in-person class, review of calculations, and review for the exam.

During the Live online webinar, you will be able to ask questions- either by chat or during some periods, if you have a microphone, by voice. 

This live Webinar will be run almost the same as a normal second day of the 2 day class. In addition to the review of the calculations and other information that you need to know for the test, there is an emphasis on the VGB act and related safety issues that are crucial for the safety of your pool.

Step 3- Register for the Online Exam- Details will be added next week. This is a rapidly changing issue. But I have been assured that the details will be available next week. 

You will NOT be allowed to register for the exam without completing Steps 1 & 2.

Watch for Upcoming Webinars

I am currently scheduling these webinars-

  1. Texas Electrical License Prep (RAIL)

  2. ISPSC Review and Training for Pool Builders and Health Inspectors

  3. ISPSC Review and Training for Pool Service and Maintenance

  4. Basic Electrical Theory, Safety and Testing

  5. Certified Pool Operator (CPO)

These are Live Online Webinar classes where you will receive class materials by FedEx or download or both and you are allowed to ask questions in real time- as the class is taught by me.