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Texas has updated the Commercial Swimming Pool Code -
Again- 1/1/2023

The Texas legislature in 2021 required the Texas DSHS to revise the Commercial pool code to align more closely with the 2021 ISPSC code. You can find the revised code at
TAC- 265 In order to understand the code you will need to access the ISPSC 2021(International Pool and Spa Code) and many of the ANSI/PHTA/ICC standards.

Texas will adopt 2023 National Electric Code that applies to all electrical work including new construction and repairs

September 1, 2023- Texas will adopt the 2023 NEC code for all electrical repairs and new construction. This is an automatic adoption that happens every 3 years. Anyone performing repair, replacement or new installations of Pumps, heaters, lights, time clocks, etc. is required to follow the 2023 NEC standards.


100% Online CPO class !!!

Step One -Register for the online class- Pool Operator Primer ($225) 

After the Pool Operator Primer online course is completed- You must have a Certificate of Completion-Expect the Pool Operator Course to take 8-12 hours to complete ( I have had some students take double that amount of time- so give yourself enough time to complete.)

Step 2- Register for a Live online webinar- ($160) This portion will be approximately 4-6 hours with a 30 minute break. For Step 2 & 3- You must have a webcam and microphone.  I must see that you are present and I must be able to watch you take the exam. If I cannot verify that I observed you take the test, then you will not be certified- regardless of your test score!

This webinar will include much important information including digitally the handouts from an in-person class, review of calculations, and review for the exam.

During the Live online webinar, you will be able to ask questions- either by chat or during some periods, if you have a microphone, by voice. 

This live Webinar will be run almost the same as a normal second day of the 2 day class. In addition to the review of the calculations and other information that you need to know for the test, there is an emphasis on the VGB act and related safety issues that are crucial for the safety of your pool.

Following the Webinar Review, the exam will be available online with a voucher available after you have completed the Webinar.

Step 3- Register for the Online Exam- (included in the webinar above) 

You will NOT be allowed to register for the exam without completing Steps 1 & 2. With the voucher for the exam that you will receive after completing the webinar, you will have 3 hours to take the online exam. I must be able to watch you take the exam. If I cannot verify that I observed you take the test, then you will not be certified- regardless of your test score!

When you take the online test- you will know your score as soon as you finish the test.

New APSP PPSO courses !
Professional pool and spa operator logo

Educational Leverage has these new APSP PPSO courses are scheduled around the South Central USA.

Watch for these courses in your area- if you would like a class in your area- please send me an email-

These new classes are designed for people maintaining and operating swimming pools and spas- especially commercial pools and spas of all sizes.

Check out this new program from APSP!

Be the first in your area to advertise APSP PPSO certification-

USA Swimming logo
Certify Your Facility with Swim Today


How to Become a Certified Facility?

A facility must have four CPO® Certification holders. Simply go to  and fill
out the online form.

What is SwimToday?

SwimToday is an industry-wide campaign to grow swim team participation. Twelve industry partners
including the National Swimming Pool Foundation® (NSPF®) and USA Swimming have joined forces with
this common goal. Watch this video to learn more about the campaign and help us show the world that
swimming is the “funnest sport there is”. The campaign will drive searches to teams and facilities on Adding your Certified Pool/SpaOperator® Certification
(CPO® Certification) will help you stand out. It’s easy to do. Simply go to
and fill out the online form

Why show your CPO® Certification on

The CPO® Certification course is designed to provide individuals with the most recent knowledge,
techniques, and skills of pool and spa operation, which helps keep pools safer and open. There is a filter on that potential swim families can use when making their decision to join a team. If you have a
USA swimming club at your facility, or you are a Make a Splash provider, and has four individuals who earned
the CPO®Certification, will showcase your pool as a certified facility. If you need to certify
more operators in the CPO Certification programs, check the Educational-Leverage course schedule to find a
local CPO® Certification course.

How do I show my CPO® Certification on

Please fill out the form at . Once received, the National Swimming Pool
Foundation will verify the certifications and then the SwimToday staff will update the information listed on If you have multiple locations that qualify, please fill the form out for each location.

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NEC 2017 will be adopted by the State of Texas- September 1, 2017



For licensed Residential Appliance Installers in Texas we are responsible for knnowing the changes to the NEC code that will be adopted in the state September 1, 2017. I recommend materials available from Mike Holt. 

Mike Holt Enterprises

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