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Texas Residential Appliance Installer License Exam Preparation Workbooks

Texas Residential Application License Classes and Workshops

1 day Prep- Then, Study at your own pace-

Virtual live online class $600/person

WEBINAR- Live- you can ask Questions during class!

Live In-person RAIL Prep classes in cities around Texas

$650/person - minimum 10 people
I am now teaching with updated materials for the 2023 NEC Codebook. 
Texas officially adopted the 2023 version of the NEC code September 1, 2023.

Classes based on the 2023 NEC began in August, 2023. The Test contents will change October 1, 2023.

In 2003, Texas adopted the NEC- National Electrical Code in such a way that a licensed electrician is required for all non-exempt electrical work.

In 2007, TDLR-Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation organized stings targeting pool and spa service people working on pumps, heaters and lights.

In 2009, Governor Rick Perry signed HB 1973- allowing swimming pool service people to become licensed to service and maintain swimming pool and spa electrical equipment.

Currently, the Texas Residential Appliance Installer License (often called the RAIL or TRAIL license) is required for all pool and spa service people that are replacing or repairing swimming pool and spa electrical equipment in Texas.

This workshop was created to help service people pass the exam. It is not intended to teach how to repair or service swimming pool electrical equipment. For training related to the proper maintenance, repair and service of swimming pool equipment- including swimming pool pumps, underwater lights and swimming pool heaters please attend the many training events offered by the manufacturers of this equipment.

Or, PHTA offers training programs for Service People- The CMS (Certified Maintenance Specialist) class is the first step. CMS is a 3 day class to provide the training to be a Professional Pool Service Person and Business. After completing the CMS class, the CST (Certified Service Technician) course is the more advanced 3 day class in the series. It goes into more depth and covers additional topics for you to be more professional and to troubleshoot more complicated issues.

This workshop was developed after many experienced and well trained pool service people found it very difficult to pass the Texas State Residential Appliance Installer License exam. The pass rate for this exam has been between about 23 - 28%.

If you have been replacing pumps since 2009 without a license- you are subject to fines of $2000-$5000 per incident- and they can ask to see your records for the last 4 years!

For this one day workshop- we provide a copy of the 2023 NEC Code book(softbound), tabs, the three books pictured above- updated August of  2023, and other materials to get you ready for the study that you need to pass the Texas Residential Appliance Installers License.

I began teaching using the 2023 NEC in August, 2023.

See a list of dates and location on the Quick List page. Register on the Class Registration page.

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