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New Employees?

Field Service Professional Course -For new employees that will be performing pool operations- cleaning and maintaining commercial or residential pools, NSPF (National swimming Pool Foundation) offers an online program that will help to get your new employees oriented and trained with the basics. The Field Service Professional Course is a great way to help your new employees to understand the basics of water testing, water chemistry, circulation, filtration, and typical pool operations. This course is not a replacement for CPO or other more advanced training, but The Field Service Professional Course is a fantastic way to help your new employees learn the basics that they need to know as they get started in Aquatics and the Pool Industry. Your new employees will learn online at their own pace- with online tests to check their actual knowledge and learning. This course is available from Educational Leverage-under the Online Classes/Books tab

Your employees don't have to worry about "stupid questions". The online videos will help them get the right answers before they are embarrassed.

Check it out today!

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