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Texas Electrical Code Adoption

September 1, 2017 Texas adopted the 2017 version of the NEC- National Electrical Code. What does this mean to you?

All individuals licensed by the State of Texas as Residential Appliance Installers are responsible for knowing the changes to the code that may affect their work.

Two things that you may want to do if you are licensed in Texas-

1. Purchase a copy of the 2017 NEC codebook. I have copies that I use for courses. If you would like to purchase a copy from me with tabs(not attached)- I will be happy to send you a copy for $125 plus shipping. I also suggest Mike Holt Enterprises- that is where I get my copies.

2. You may want to get a copy of a review of the CHANGES to NEC 2017. Again- I like the book that Mike Holt offers- Please check it out at-

For people that have not yet become licensed- October 1, 2017 the test is supposed to change to reflect the new 2017 NEC codebooks. The Classes that I now teach use this new 2017 NEC codebook.

There are some changes to the code. Mostly it seems to me that they have tried to clarify some sections of the code- just to make it easier for us to understand.

The bad thing---I think that they made the print size smaller- at least it seems like it to me...

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